Summa Pneumatic Oscillating Tool

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The pneumatic oscillating tool is capable of cutting materials up to 25mm thick. It is suitable for cutting thick materials like honeycomb board, corrugated cardboard and foam boards, as well as some soft foams and rubbers.

The pneumatic oscillating tool (POT), powered by compressed air, moves the knife up and down over a stroke of 8mm with a maximum frequency of 150Hz. Materials up to 25mm thick can be cut. The robust construction of the tool makes it suitable for cutting thicker materials like honeycomb board, corrugated cardboard and foam boards. By adjusting the knife speeds, some soft foams and rubbers can also be cut.


  • Pneumatic Oscillator with Gliding Disk
  • 1 Knife (20 x 0.65mm) with hex key
  • Pneumatic Kit, including Pneumatic Oil and Oil Mister
  • Installation Guide and Collar Wrench
  • Stroke: 8mm*
  • Frequency: 150Hz*
  • Compressed Air Requirements: 6bar & 78l/min.
  • It is advised that the compressor have 4-5 times the airflow capacity: +/- 360l/min

* The Stroke and Frequency may drop depending on the load on the tool.

Note: Air-compressor not included.


Cardboard: Corrugated C Flute (4mm)
Corrugated BC Flute (7mm)
Honeycomb Board <= 10mm Honeycomb Board >= 10mm
Reboard 10mm
Reboard >= 10mm
Synthetic Materials: Corrugated Plastic > 5mm
Composite Sandwich Board: Foamboard with Paper > 5mm
Foamboard with Plastic
Foamboard with Aluminum
Special Materials: Foam

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