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Summa L3214 Laser Cutter, L Series Laser Cutting System

Commercial, apparel and industrial textiles are some of the fastest growing markets in the global economy, where on-demand and fast delivery becomes increasingly important. The market needs solutions to quickly respond to customer demands for large format and printed textiles without compromise on cut quality. Summa meets these demands with the L3214 laser cutter. Boosting efficiency and processing times, increasing production speeds, and excelling as a complete solution for wide-format soft signage applications.

This laser’s advanced Vision system scans the material and automatically creates a cut vector. Then, it starts cutting while the material is fed at the same time. This is the on-the-fly-cutting principle reducing idle periods considerably. The system is also popular for the cutting of all sorts of raw materials, used in the composite industry, such as carbon fibers, composites, thermosets, and thermoplastics, ensuring the highest level in finishing quality at all times.

  • Cut on-the-fly technology
  • Large 3.3 meter wide cutting in 1/3 the footprint size of other systems
  • 3-4x faster than conventional blade cutting systems
  • Accurate fit to frame cutting
Summa L3214 Laser Cutter

L Series Features at a glance:

  • Productivity – Enhanced productivity with the uniquely designed conveyor system for continuous production of roll materials. Cut on the fly technology and ability to cut large banners and POS displays without the need of a large table.
  • Usability – Any deformations are automatically recognized by the intelligent camera system and immediately compensated in the cutting vector.
  • Reliability – The laser system uses contactless cutting, meaning there is no drag on the material or blades to change. It enables users to process sensitive and easily distorted textiles with higher precision.
  • Environment – Environment & Safety is a priority. Fumes are removed by the internal extraction system and cutting by laser produces no dust fibers, ensuring a clean work environment at all times.
  • Safety – The L3214 cutting area is enclosed to meet the Class 1 standard, ensuring the laser cutting source is covered during operation and paused when the cover is opened.

Meet Your Customers' Deadlines and Improve Your Margin

Summa has developed a unique on-the-fly cutting concept to ensure a perfectly cut product, ready to roll off the table. The concept has many benefits to offer, contributing to higher productivity, enabling L3214-users to serve their customers faster with high accuracy. To illustrate this, when processing typical jobs, the machine even cuts 400 m2 an hour

Advanced Camera Recognition System

At the core of the enhanced productivity lies a top-notch camera recognition system. Instead of getting your files ready, or waiting for the design to be scanned, this Summa L3214 system continuously scans the design and automatically creates the cut vector needed for the job. The system secures continuous cutting, even when the conveyor is moving, saving you a considerable amount of valuable time.

Maintain High Accuracy Level at Top Speed

A motorized edge-detect de-reeler eliminates fabric distortion while cutting by securing a constant and stable fabric feed onto the cutting bed. A loop in the material is created to relax the material, reduce distortion and secure an accurate cut. No more idle periods, yet boosted productivity with a perfectly cut product, ready for shipment or further processing.

How Does it Work?

Summa L3214 Laser Cutter Overview


  • 250 Watt (Watercooled)
  • 3300 mm x Continuous
    • 1328 x 4382 x 3071 mm
All dimensions are displayed without motorized de-reeler
  • Maximum Speed: 1500mm/sec
  • Maximum Acceleration: 1 G
  • 3400 mm
  • OPOS Marks
  • Advanced Vision System
  • Extraction speed control
  • Fully anodised extruded chassis
  • Full complement single row cageless bearings
  • PC and Monitor
  • Software ApS-Ethos Cutting Composer
  • Active motorized edge detect de-reeler
  • Visible diode for setup
  • Conveyor System
  • Compressed air drying bowl and flow regulator
  • Vision system
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Water chiller
  • Centrifugal extraction pump

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