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The electronic oscillating tool is capable of cutting materials up to 24mm thick. It is suitable for cutting thick materials like corrugated cardboard and foam boards, as well as thinner materials like solid cardboard and textiles.

General Info

The electronic oscillating tool (EOT) is driven by an electric motor producing up to 12,000 rpm and has a stroke of 1mm. At launch, knives are available to cut material up to a thickness of 24mm. This makes the unit suitable for cutting foam boards and corrugated cardboard. Of course, the oscillating tool can be used for thinner materials as well (e.g.: solid cardboard, textiles, etc.) Both the maximum cutting speed and the minimum curve radius vary depending on the knife shape, material consistency and material thickness.


  • Electronic Oscillator
  • 1 Knife OT 65° -85° L25 with hex key
  • Blade Safety Caps (2x)
  • Installation Collar Wrench


Power: Electronic DC Motor
Frequency: 12,000 RPM or 200Hz
Stroke: 1mm (± 0.5mm)
Knife Thickness: 0.64mm

Knife OT 65° L25
Knife OT 0° -65° L25
Knife OT 65° -80° L25
Knife OT 65° -85° L25
Knife OT 65° -85° L28
Knife OT 45° -85° L33
Knife OT 45° -85° L38

This tool can be used with the following materials:
Cardboard: Corrugated B Flute (3mm)
Corrugated C Flute (4mm)
Corrugated BC Flute (7mm)
Corrugated E Flute (1.5mm)
Honeycomb Board <= 10mm Reboard 10mm  
Composite Sandwich Board: Foamboard with Paper <= 5mm Foamboard with Paper > 5mm
Special Materials: Gasket


Summa F Series

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