Summa 36° Vinyl Cutter Drag Knife Blade, 5-Pack


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Official Summa 36° Standard Drag Knife Blades, Vinyl Cutter Plotter Blades, 5-Pack (OEM - Manufacturer Recommended Part

High-Quality Genuine Summa 36° drag knife blades for cutting basic media and vinyl materials. Fits most Summa vinyl cutters and plotters.

Crafted from Tungsten Carbide, our genuine Summa replacement drag knife blades hold a sharp edge between 10 and 50 X longer than cheaper steel blades.

What customers are saying about our Genuine Summa 36° Drag Knife Blades:

Hank Balch says:
“Summa blades are worth every penny, cheap knock-off blades from China never completely cut my graphics correctly. My plotter cuts like new, and it’s is 12 years old."

Paul Nay says:
“I have tried other blades that claim to be better than factory but they don't hold up to the Summa quality."


  • High-quality official Summa cutter drag knife blades
  • Pack of 5 blades
  • Cuts material up to .010″ (.25mm) thick
  • Part Number: 9TL89-67041 (previously 391-360)
  • Official Summa drag knife blades
Official Summa Drag Knife Blades

Compatible Blade Holder:

Summa Standard Drag Knife Blade Holder (part number: 9TL89-67033 (previously 391-332))

*ATTENTION - Using drag blades with a Summa T Series cutter requires the Summa T Series Drag Blade Holder (part number: 395-323). The cutter must also be placed into Drag Mode.

Compatible Equipment:

Summa F Series Flatbed Cutters
Summa DC3/DC4/DC5 Printer Cutters
Summa S2 Series Vinyl Cutters
Summa S Class Vinyl Cutters
SummaCut Series Vinyl Cutters
SummaSign/SummaSign Pro D Series Vinyl Cutters

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Cecile Gauthreaux
Quick service

I ordered a knife holder for my D75 cutter. It was sent to me quickly. I was having issues but the people called and walked me through the issue when I emailed of my problem I am very satisfied now

Kevin Deleu

Shipped quicker than expected and exactly what I was looking for.

Jeanette Tripp
Get the real Summa drag knives

It is very important to use the real Summa knives and not use the off brand knives. I found that the off brand knives dulled more quickly, have a small blade head, is 35 degree rather than 36 degree, and is slightly shorter than the Summa. My cutting quality was sub par compared to the real Summa knives.

Diego Rodriguez

Summa 36° Drag Knife Blade, 5-pack

Akim noel
Excellent service

Got my blades on time. Excellent service from Airmark . Keep it ip