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AirMark is the nation’s leader in Summa equipment sales, installation, and technical support.

We turn around Summa installations quicker than anyone by ordering container loads of the most popular models directly from the manufacturer. We store this inventory at our Seattle warehouse for quick delivery and installation to business locations across the US and beyond.

Delivery and Installation with AirMark

AirMark is a leader in the delivery and installation of printing and cutting equipment in the US. Here is a map of hundreds of our installations over the past two years.

AirMark Summa Installation Map

Knowledgeable and Customer Focused

AirMark’s team has the technical knowledge to troubleshoot, run tech support, perform complete site installations and make software, accessory and media recommendations for increased productivity. With over 25 years of experience; first as the owner and operator of Summa, and now as a leading Summa distributor, AirMark delivers, supports, and services Summa technology across the US and beyond.

Summa Cutter Accessories

Service After the Sale

Post installation, AirMark is your ongoing partner for technical support, routine maintenance, supplies and consumables. We carry popular brands of inks, blades & bits, vinyl media and laminates, as well as tools from leading brands like Orafol, 3M, Olfa, Summa, Roland, Epson and GFP.

In fact, AirMark carries the nation’s largest supply of Summa parts. We have over one thousand Summa parts and consumables in-stock and ready for quick-shipping from our Seattle warehouse.

What Customers Say About Choosing AirMark?

“For A1 Glass, the biggest impact the flatbed has made on our business is efficiency. We landed one job that included similarly sized installations at 13 different sites. We completed the first one without our Flatbed cutter and it took a month. We installed the flatbed and used it to cut the films for the next 12 installation sites and reduced our installation time to 3 months. these would have taken a month a piece the old way. The flatbed investment allowed us to finish that job about 4x faster than we would have without it.”

- Mike Wanke, A1 Glass Coating

“I vetted the idea of investing in a flatbed cutter for about a year, and after meeting AirMark several times at trade shows, I knew that when the time was right, I would purchase from them. Phil was definitely the most knowledgeable and helpful sales person I spoke to – plus, AirMark had the machine in stock and ready to install when I was ready to pull the trigger.”

- Carlos Taveras, Twinsprint Brooklyn

“I wouldn't buy from anyone else - you just don't get the technical support and knowledge you get from AirMark. They are true technicians who understand and actually work on the machines they sell. Everyone there has years, if not decades of history in the industry. They have the parts, they know the machines and they are fast and responsive.”

- Kevin Archuleta, CarStickers.com

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