Vinyl Cutter frequently asked questions:

My USB connected cutter has communication problems with Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Download the latest Summa Cutter USB driver from our Support section. Unzip the files and update via Windows Control Panel, USB Driver for Summa Cutter.

My USB connected cutter has communication problems with Windows Vista.

Download the latest Summa Cutter USB driver from our software pages. Unzip the files and update via Windows control panel the USB driver of the Summa Cutter.

Where are the drivers for my Summa cutter?

Drivers for Summa cutters are included in most leading sign-making and cutting programs. Summa does not make or supply the drivers that are included with your software. If you cannot find a specific driver for your Summa cutter, other Summa cutter drivers should work. If not, please contact us so that we can offer recommendations based on your specific sign or cutting program.

Can I share my cutter over a network?

Your network, due to its many variables and complex settings, is not something we, as a cutter maker, can support. However, we can suggest two methods for sharing your Summa cutter with multiple users:

  1. Your sign-making software may support cutter communications over a network. If so, your Summa cutter must be correctly configured in your software’s network options. Contact your software maker for more information.
  2. The Summa Cutter Control gives you the option of creating a Hot Folder. Files saved to the Hot Folder, which are a recognized plot file type such as .PLT, are automatically sent to your cutter. By making the Hot Folder a shared folder on your network, other users in your company can plot to your Summa cutter by saving compatible plot files to the Hot Folder, provided the Summa Cutter Control program is actively running on the computer to which the cutter is attached.

Does my cutter require routine maintenance?

Your cutter should be cleaned on regular basis. Regularly check the cutting head, keeping it free of any debris; you can do this by blowing it out with a can of compressed air. Next, and less frequently, you should clean your drive drum (also called grit rollers); this can be done using scraps of adhesive-back vinyl, with the adhesive side facing the drive drum. (this procedure is also outlined in your on-disc manual) Note: do not use anything abrasive to clean the rollers. It will damage the special coating, which is critical in preserving the diameter of the drive drum. Changes to the precise consistency of the drive drum diameter will result in poor tracking. Aside from regular cleaning, there is no set maintenance schedule. Simply use your best judgment on replacing consumable parts, such as blades, blade holders and platen protection strips.

I have everything connected correctly but my cutter will not cut.

Different software programs communicate in different languages (cutter commands). The two languages we support are our own, Summa DM/PL, and the generic, HP-GL. Summa cutters are shipped in DM/PL mode, by default. If your cutter does not cut when files are sent, the most likely cause is software sending HP-GL plot data. Setting the cutter in HP-GL mode, or alternatively, selecting a specific Summa driver in your software’s plotter set-up, should solve the problem.

My manual seems very brief and doesn’t cover all the cutter features.

The booklet that came with your SummaCut or SummaSign Pro cutter is a “quick start guide,” which is designed to get you up and running quickly. For more advanced features, a complete User Guide with detailed explanations and photos can be found on the Manuals & Drivers CD-ROM that came with your cutter. It can also be downloaded from the Support section of this Web site.

Where is the Windows USB driver for my SummaCut cutter?

It is on the Manuals & Drivers CD-ROM that came with your cutter. With your cutter powered on, attach the USB cable. Windows should automatically recognize the cutter. (If not, restart your computer). An Add New Hardware wizard will appear. Simply follow the on-screen instructions. The driver can also be downloaded from the Support section of this Web site.

How can I get more cutting area on the material I have loaded?

The physical cutting area is determined by the placement of the cutter’s pinch rollers. For proper tracking the pinch rollers should be placed at least 6 mm (1/4-in.) from the edge of your material. The roller itself also occupies approximately 6 mm, which means that about 12 to 13 mm (1/2-in.) of material on each side is needed to insure proper tracking. Therefore, you should assume that at least 25 mm (1 in.) of your material is unusable. So you’ll have approximately 975 cutable millimetres (39 in.) on a 1 metre (40 in.) wide roll, as an example.

How do I run a longer Serial cable between my cutter and computer?

The serial cable that came with the cutter uses a unique configuration (also called a “pin out”). Therefore you cannot simply purchase a longer serial cable at a local computer supply store. You must extend your Summa cutter cable by purchasing a “strait-through, pin-to-pin serial cable.” Then connect the straight-through cable to your computer and the Summa serial cable between it and your cutter. Note: extending the cable length too far may result in data loss and drop out.

How can I get new Firmware?

We dissuade upgrading firmware if your product is working fine as is. Nevertheless, new revisions can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Support section of this Web site.

How can I get my cutter working on Macintosh OSX?

In order to work on Mac OSX, install the MacSign Cut version which is delivered with every new unit (see also: how can I get MacSign). MacSign includes the USB driver for Summa cutters. Do not use the USB driver downloadable from this site. It is only for lower Mac OS-versions. The use of MacSign is fully described in the users guide (see document section). Summa Cutter Control for Macintosh can not be used on Mac OSX. For Firmware upgrades use the ‘file transmit tool for OSX’ in the software section. Of course Summa Cutters are also compatible with other cutting programs. Contact your software supplier for more info.


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