Summa Twin Workflow

Experience teaches us that using a single cutter to perform all cutting methods is not always the most efficient method. Summa's Twin Workflow combines the strengths of a Summa vinyl cutter – S Class 2 or S One Series - and an F Series flatbed cutter. This translates into two cutters that are perfectly matched. Based on the specific cutting method, the cutter that is best suited for the job is used. So, instead of using a single cutter for the entire cutting job, the Twin workflow divides the cutting methods between both cutters. This way, the individual strengths of both machines are fully utilized.

In practice, this means that you can kiss-cut your graphic designs on the vinyl cutter by using the Summa GoSign software. Then transfer the roll that is kiss-cut to the flatbed cutter and cut it through (Cut Thru) using the Summa GoProduce software. In this way, you double your productivity and speed up your delivery times by up to 47%.

The Twin Workflow was specially developed for operators who want to work as efficiently as possible. By using this workflow, extra capacity is created. While the vinyl cutter is performing the kiss-cut method, the flatbed cutter uses the freed up capacity to perform other cutting jobs, such as routing, creasing, or cutting textiles. And thanks to the Summa GoSign software (roll cutters) and the Summa GoProduce software (flatbed cutters) both the vinyl cutter and the flatbed cutter can easily process the same cutting files and registration marks. This is crucial to guarantee a smooth Twin workflow.

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