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Flatbed Cutter and Router Pro Package

With over $20K in FREE upgrades, this complete flatbed cutter package includes the workhorse Summa F 1612 Flatbed Cutter, the router system, software, the tangential module, three of the most popular flatbed tools, along with software and installation from the nation’s leading Summa technical support team.

Why Choose AirMark?

Pricing Confidence

Give us the opportunity to match any competitor’s quote on equipment.

Industry Experience

The AirMark team has over 25 years of experience in the sale, delivery, and service of Summa Equipment - first as the owner and operator of Summa, and now as a leading Summa distributor.

Customer Service and Technical Support

AirMark’s technical support is the most knowledgeable team of Summa technicians in the US. Summa owners rarely have problems, but if you do, we can fix it fast. In fact, nearly all of our Summa technical support tickets are solved with a quick, 15 minute phone call.

What our customers say:

“I wouldn't buy from anyone else - you just don't get the technical support and knowledge you get from AirMark. …They have the parts, they know the machines and they are fast and responsive.”

- Kevin Archuleta, CarStickers.com

What Can You Create with the Flatbed Cutter and Router Pro Package?

Flatbed cutters offer exceptional cutting and finishing options on a multitude of common sign, industrial, and specialty materials.

Cut: Corrugated plastic, foam core, PVC, leather, banner, textiles, and more

Rout: Acrylic, aluminum, Dibond, wood, and more

Create: Crack & peel decals, custom packaging, POP displays, yard signs, stickers, and window graphics

Automate: Efficient unattended cutting of full vinyl rolls with integrated conveyor system, pair with a Summa Roll-Fed cutter for incredible Summa Twin Workflow efficiency

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