Summa HF Router

With $2,500 in savings, the argument to invest in an HF Router just got a little stronger.

Why invest in an HF Router?

HF Routers were engineered to meet a specific production sweet spot. Engineered with a high frequency spindle that turns at an impressive 60,000 rpm’s, the HF router is paired with a high-performance and highly balanced milling motor, which provides much smoother finishes on rigid substrates, while extending the life of bits. The result is higher processing speeds on rigid materials like wood, MDF, ACP and acrylics.

Better finishing quality, faster project completion times, while reducing wear on bits, are all great arguments for moving to a Summa HF router.

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Why Buy From AirMark?

1) Ease of installation -

Other dealers outsource their install appointments to contractors - pushing installations by weeks or months. With the largest and longest tenured Summa support team in the US, AirMark sells, installs, and supports our machines after the sale.

2) AirMark Customer Service & Technical Support -

Our installation and Technical Support teams are consistently ranked at the top of the industry. Our teams perform in-person flatbed installations across the globe. While roll-fed machines are easy to get set up and running with a quick, 30 - minute remote installation with our team.

3) AirMark Tech Support Plus -

AirMark machines come with our exclusive Tech Support Plus program. An industry leading program that gives you piece of mind if something goes wrong. Tech Support Plus guarantees a 2 hour response time to technical issue, while offering 2 years of toll-free machine support on equipment purchased from us.

What our customers say:

“I wouldn't buy from anyone else - you just don't get the technical support and knowledge you get from AirMark. They are true technicians who understand and actually work on the machines they sell. Everyone there has years, if not decades of history in the industry. They have the parts, they know the machines and they are fast and responsive.”

- Kevin Archuleta,

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