Aerospace Painting & Labeling

Stencil & Labeling Solutions for the Aircraft Painting Industry

Airplane painted with Disney characters

AirMark supplies the most advanced stenciling and cutting technology to the aircraft industry, making it easy and affordable for customers to increase uptime, reduce maintenance requirements and promote their brands all in the course of normal business.

With partnerships with some of the world’s largest restoration companies, private aircraft makers and the U.S. military, AirMark is the preferred solution for aerospace design.

AirMark supplies what others can’t

  1. The only stencil cutter that integrates tangential cutting and pen drawing. AirMark is the first and the only in this class.
  2. 25+ years of aircraft marking innovation and rapid technology deployment. We embark upon new product revolutions every day.
  3. Best-in-class, full-service vinyl cutting expertise that’s economical and efficient. That’s money saved and quality earned for our customers.


Aircraft Painting Stencils

An exclusive dual-function head and trademarked TrueTangential™ cutting save on production time, reduce labor costs and eliminate guesswork, providing the precise stenciling you need.

Labels & Decals

Producing labels, decals and signage of all kinds has never been easier through a partnership with AirMark, as we equip you with eco-friendly, highly durable aircraft marking technology that’s simple to use.


Apply placards and stickers to rough or rigid material on aircraft interiors to maximize safety, organizational and instructional labeling through a number of flatbed cutter options.

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