What Is Cylinder Cast Vinyl?

If you work in the sign-making industry, chances are you've come across cylinder cast vinyl. There are endless types of vinyl and supplies, so knowing the characteristics of the different types of vinyls is fundamental to figuring out which one to choose for your next project.

Cylinder Cast Vinyl Explained

This vinyl can be applied to all sorts of surfaces and is suitable for many applications. If you plan on using it to create signs, make sure to explore only the best premium vinyl sign supplies to make sure your next project is a success.

Cylinder cast vinyl is a great choice for those looking to create a product that makes an impact. This vinyl is effective at producing the highest quality prints and signs, without sacrificing affordability. The fact that it is offered in a roll, hence the name ‚Äėcylinder cast vinyl,‚Äô makes it easy to transport. In order to get the most out of it, use an appropriate adhesive tape when adhering the material onto the surface of choice.¬†

With proper care and appropriate materials, cylinder cast vinyl is capable of lasting for extended periods of time.

What Are the Best Supplies for Cylinder Cast Vinyls?

Vinyl adhesive tape is a practical and inexpensive addition to any set of supplies, and a must-buy if you plan on working with cylinder cast vinyls. It is composed primarily of two materials, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane. 

Vinyl adhesive tape provides an effective solution for attaching and securing materials together. Due to PVC’s durability, the vinyl adhesive tape can resist water, heat, rips, and tears. It provides the sticking properties of vinyl adhesive tape while also providing air-tight seals against dust, air bubbles, and moisture. 

We recommend using a lint-free cloth for wiping down and cleaning vinyl to reduce the risk of damaging the surface. Edge sealants are useful in creating a stronger bond between two surfaces and will increase the longevity of your vinyl. Finally, transfer tape and application tape help with effective positioning when putting the vinyl on its final destination and achieving long-lasting results.

Do I Need Transfer Tape to Enhance the Results?

While vinyl can be applied directly to a surface, some people suggest using transfer tape for adhesive vinyl. Due to its effectiveness, this approach is definitely worth considering. 

It’s quite simple to do. A special type of tape is used to apply the vinyl correctly and without damage. The best types of transfer tapes are specifically designed for vinyl application, but any low-tack transfer tape can also work effectively. Taking a few moments to select the perfect tape and other supplies for your project can make all the difference in achieving flawless vinyl applications.

In Conclusion

The use of print-on cast vinyl spans many industries including automotive manufacturing, design, and many more. Knowing what results you can expect will be crucial to not only getting the most out of your materials and supplies but also to choosing the right vinyl from the many available on the market.   

All in all, cylinder cast vinyl is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable outcome. It can be used for many different purposes from car wraps to wall art. For the best results, transfer tape is recommended, as it is not only strong and sturdy, but it also adds an artistic touch to any project.