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We're confident that the pending federal stimulus package along with some great incentives on print and cut technology, will put our clients in a strong position to weather this storm and rebound quickly during the recovery. We'll continue to highlight helpful deals and opportunities - from AirMark, and from our manufacturer brand partners in the weeks to come.

CARES Act Stimulus

Here is a great resource to help understand the aid packages available to small businesses during this health care crisis. Under this stimulus package, the Small Business Administration (SBA) will oversee a loan program to distribute $350 billion to hard-hit small businesses in loans to cover employee wages, salaries, and benefits. This aims to help businesses keep their doors open and care for their employees during the crisis and through the recovery

Summa S2 T series for D series price

Currently, we are partnering with Summa to offer a FREE upgrade to an S2 T series vinyl cutter for the price of an S2 D series vinyl cutter. Give us a call at (800) 527-7778 for more details.

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*Summa S2 promo offer valid until 4/30/20.