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Epson's SureColor S-Series Sign Printers produce some of the richest and most vibrant prints in their price class. The SureColor S-Series is a perfect solution for applications such as indoor & outdoor displays, POP displays, decals, banners, car wraps and graphics, and much more. With the ability to print, laminate, and deliver on the same day, the SureColor S-Series 64‚ÄĚ large format printers are a powerful printing solution for any sign shop or graphics business. Epson SureColor S-Series Wide Format Printers come in three versatile models to more specifically fit your printing needs.

Epson SureColor S-Series Printers vs. Epson SureColor R-Series Large Format Printers

Both Epson SureColor S-Series and R-Series are large format printers designed for professional-level printing. While similar, these two top-tier printers do have key differences in how they’re designed for use, which makes one printer better than the other in certain printing applications.

That said, both printers are suitable for indoor and outdoor signage, vehicle wraps, and fine art, as well as wall covering and interior decoration for some printers, thanks to their exceptional printing quality, precision, and efficiency. The printers can be used with a variety of paper and materials and can be a great addition to your operation. The S-Series printer, in particular, is hard to beat in the sign-making industry for its high-speed printing and same-day lamination capabilities. Learn more here and read reviews to determine which of these printers is the best fit for your needs.

Benefits of Epson SureColor S-Series and R-Series Wide Format Printer

The state-in-the-art line of wide-format printers from Epson US can drive a lot of value to any large-format graphics printing business. Let’s break down the benefits of having these printers in your production line.

High-Quality Printing

Both printers are known to produce prints of excellent quality due to advanced UltraChrome inks. The S-Series uses a Solvent based ink while the R-Series uses a Resin based ink. These inks offer a wide color gamut and feature high-density formulation which result in prints with sharp details, vivid colors, and excellent resolution for any wide-format print job. You can also print in black and white.

The printers also run on PrecisionCore technology, which allows for highly accurate and consistent outputs.


The S-Series offers high-speed printing up to 1,020-square-feet-per-hour and production print speeds up to 550-square-feet-per-hour, making it an efficient tool for large-scale and wide-format printing jobs. The R-Series large format Epson printer produces at a much slower pace, but the tradeoff is high-quality prints made with much precision.


Both printers can handle a variety of media and paper types. The R-Series printers, in particular, support a diverse range of applications, including print fabrics, uncoated paper, and other wide specialty materials.

Meanwhile, the S-Series printer is decked with a ton of tech that allows it to seamlessly handle all kinds of large-format printing jobs and skillfully print each inch of the design. Depending on the printer model, you can enjoy same-day lamination, a print-drying system, and a precision media feeding and take-up system.


Not only are these Epson large format printers made to last themselves, but you can expect the same durable quality from their outputs, too. The prints are resistant to fading, scratches, and other types of common damage experienced in these types of applications.

Ease of Use

With intuitive controls and ONYX-enabled software, Epson SureColor S-Series and R-Series printers are easy to operate and troubleshoot. If you need support, the Epson or AirMark support teams are happy to help.

Wide Connectivity

Both wide-format printers have built-in connectivity options, including wifi, Ethernet, and USB, so you can easily connect them to various devices for a more streamlined workflow and communication setup.

Reliable Support

Epson America is one of the leaders in the printing industry, and they’re famous for manufacturing top-of-the-line printers that are built to last, including these large format printers. You can expect durability, backed by comprehensive warranties and technical support when using an Epson printer.

Which Is the Best Epson Large Format Printer for My Business?

Choosing between the different Epson SureColor S-Series and R-Series printers ultimately depends on your budget, your intended use, and the quality or speed that you require for your application. The SureColor S40600 printer is the best entry-level sign printer, making it the ideal option if this is your first time investing in a wide-format printer.

If you need something with more power for a larger volume of projects, the SureColor S60600 printer is the way to go. If you’re focused on quality, the SureColor S80600 printer produces prints that are unmatched in production.

For more info about Epson printers and to learn which wide format printer is the best for your sign-making business, get in touch with the pros at Airmark!