Custom Packaging with Summa F Series!

The Summa F Series is one of the best-selling flatbed cutters in its class. Summa has developed a wide variety of tools and features for the F Series to support the creation and automation of custom packaging applications. This includes a modular tooling system that can house 3 different tools at the same time allowing you to crease and cut in a single job. And automatic tool recognition, combined with digital and mechanical depth & pressure control, ensures precision cutting and creasing on a vast array of materials.

Custom Packaging with Summa F Series!

PA Media Case Study with Summa

And when you work with AirMark, you'll have access to the most-tenured team of trained Summa technicians in the US to guide you along the way, from setup and installation to the day-to-day operation of the equipment. We are also a certified Summa repair center with over 1,000 Summa replacement parts and consumables in stock, so if you would ever require service or repair, we got you covered. If you are in the market for Summa equipment, talk to AirMark first.

With these units currently in stock and ready to ship, this could be a great opportunity to expand your production capabilities. Give us a call or text us today at (800) 527-7778 or click the link below to learn more about the Summa F Series and its vast capabilities. We'd love to learn more about your business's needs and how we can work together.

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Why Buy From AirMark?

1) Ease of installation -

Other dealers outsource their install appointments to contractors - pushing installations by weeks or months. With the largest and longest tenured Summa support team in the US, AirMark sells, installs, and supports our machines after the sale.

2) AirMark Customer Service & Technical Support -

Our installation and Technical Support teams are consistently ranked at the top of the industry. Our teams perform in-person flatbed installations across the globe. While roll-fed machines are easy to get set up and running with a quick, 30 - minute remote installation with our team.

3) AirMark Tech Support Plus -

AirMark machines come with our exclusive Tech Support Plus program. An industry leading program that gives you piece of mind if something goes wrong. Tech Support Plus guarantees a 1-hour response time to technical issue, while offering 2 years of toll-free machine support on equipment purchased from us.

What our customers say:

‚ÄúFor a while now we've seen a significant increase in the demand for customized packaging. The F1612 flatbed cutter makes light work of processing all kinds of packaging material thanks to its multifunctional head, able to hold up to three modules. This way, different techniques ‚Äď such as cutting and creasing ‚Äď can be performed on the material in one simple job. The Summa F1612 simply is the ideal workhorse to meet the production criteria of our company, day in day out.‚ÄĚ

- Pedro Iglesias, Comeco Gr√°fica

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