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The only stencil cutter that integrates tangential cutting and pen drawing

Introducing the ultimate stencil cutters — the new faster, more intelligent and easier-to-use AirMark Stencil Cutters by Summa. Starting at just $6995, the most advanced and popular stencil cutters in the aircraft painting industry now pack a one-two punch. That’s thanks to the new duo-function A-Head that merges TrueTangential™ cutting with pen plotting. Draw part numbers, instructions and more on your stencils — without changing accessories or realigning your material. Now you can save time and labor in stencil production while taking the guesswork out of your stencil application.

Available in four sizes
30, 48, 54 & 64 inch stencil cutters
The first cutter capable of cutting stencils and drawing on them in a single step is also available in two new sizes: our popular 30-inch and 48-inch cutters are now joined by the jumbo jet of stencil cutters, the 54-inch S140T and 60-inch S160T. Now companies of every size and budget can enjoy the top-level performance that has made AirMark the choice of the leading aircraft painting and maintenance firms around the globe.
The ultimate in cut-quality
If you’ve ever been ready with paint in hand only to have a stencil fail to lift off correctly, then you’ll truly appreciate our TrueTangential™ cutting. With a motorized cutting head that turns the blade mechanically, AirMark Stencil Cutters are able to lift and turn on every angled cut. That assures every corner is cut completely and precisely. And it means every stencil pulls up quickly and cleanly, no matter how complex. In fact, AirMark Stencil Cutters are the only cutters of their type to offer tangential cutting, which is the same cutting method found on large and ultra-expensive flatbed cutters.
Unparallel long-track accuracy
Even personal aircraft can have large surface areas you’ll need to mask before painting. So a stencil cutter that maintains its accuracy on long runs can spell the difference between success and failure. That’s why every AirMark Stencil Cutter has our patented and exclusive MicroSprocket™ tracking system. They’re so accurate we guarantee your cuts will be within a 4/1000ths-inch margin of error, even on cuts up to 40 feet in length. You’ll never waste time and materials with inaccurate cutting. With an AirMark Stencil Cutter, accuracy is guaranteed.
Dizzying speed
Whether you’re cutting a single stencil or thousands, you’ll enjoy the time-saving speed and increased production that AirMark Stencil Cutters deliver. All four models combine our super-accurate MicroSprocket tracking with three robust servomotors that move the cutting head and material at top-in-class speeds. So you can take full advantage of the 56-inch-per-second cutting and know your stencils will be perfectly-cut every time.
Easier than ever
Gone are the days of complicated and confusing character-based displays. AirMark Stencil Cutters feature large graphical touch-screen control panels that guide you through every feature and setting with a touch of your finger. Change every setting and advanced feature quickly and intuitively — even the language of the on-screen prompts and buttons. So you don’t even need to speak English to be amazed by the incredible ease-of-use.